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Druid Vampire Requiem Published! by KuroKoneko-Kamen
Druid Vampire Requiem Published!
The sequel and grand finale of Druid Vampire -> "Druid Vampire Requiem" has been published! Available at Amazon, BN, ibooks and more.

This book cover was done for me by the incredibly talented Mathia Arkoniel! Check out her page here:
Druid Vampire Published! by KuroKoneko-Kamen
Druid Vampire Published!
This is the new cover for my new paranormal romance "Druid Vampire". This cover was done for me by the incredibly talented Mathia Arkoniel. You can visit the artist here:

The book is available for FREE, just in time for Christmas! Smashwords
Hollywood Merman Revelations Published! by KuroKoneko-Kamen
Hollywood Merman Revelations Published!
Hey peeps, the sequel to "Hollywood Merman" is now available - "Hollywood Merman Revelations".
Hollywood Merman can be found for FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.
This cover was done for me by the incredibly talented Mathia Arkoniel. Please make sure to visit her webpage and show her some love, she deserves it!!!!: It was a pleasure working with her again. She really knows how to bring my characters to life and with unbelievable accuracy to the way I see them in my head! And she's very flexible to changes which shows great professionalism.
Hollywood Merman Published! by KuroKoneko-Kamen
Hollywood Merman Published!
My new paranormal romance "Hollywood Merman" has been published, and is now available on Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords. This cover was created for me by the incredibly talented Mathia Arkoniel. Please visit her deviantart page to see lots of HOT HOT men with perfectly chiseled torsos hehe: She will also have this merman image for SALE as prints ETC very soon!!!!

An offer for my readers, if you leave me a review for one of my other books and send me the link, I will give you a Smashwords Coupon Code so that you can get "Hollywood Merman" for FREE at!!!! :) Reviews help me to get more I'm working on increasing my reader base at the moment. :)


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United States
Konichiwa! Hi! My name is KuroKoneko Kamen (Black Kitten Mask). I'm the author of anime-style, young adult novels featuring manga-styled illustrations.

My latest work is "Bitch Heiress X Samurai Butler" which is now available at as a paperback and also available in the Kindle ebook format for $6.00!

Summary: Kusanagi Kimamura is a Tokyo Heiress whose greedy relatives and even the yakuza are after her life on a daily basis. Due to this threat her Grandfather hires her a Samurai Butler bodyguard. Ranmaru’s a stoic man with a dark past and Kusanagi is a high school girl with a fiery temper. Sparks fly when these two conflicting personalities meet. Will opposites attract? Or will Kusanagi send a slap to Ranmaru’s face first?

My latest novel is a pirate themed one! Sanky Panky Pirate now available Amazon Kindle, in the istore and BN's NOOK!

Summary-Machete is a Sanky Panky from the Dominican Republic who via a strange series of events turns pirate. The story takes place during the 17th Century, the Golden Age of Piracy. Machete lives in Cabarete Village where he is forced to become a thief. He robs merchant ships until he gets caught nearly getting a one-way ticket to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Machete becomes a Sanky Panky instead in order to seduce rich gringas into giving him money. Machete’s ultimate goal is to convince one of these bonnie lasses to marry him.

However, Cabarete Village is attacked by one of the Seven Deadly Pirates that rule the seas: Captain Envy, who takes Machete’s mother Esperanza hostage to settle a grudge. Machete goes to rescue his mother but gets his ass kicked. Captain Envy decides to offer Machete a deal: if Machete can somehow manage to amass the sum of 1,000 pieces-of-eight Machete can buy back his mother and Cabarete Village’s freedom.

Not having the slightest idea how to get his hands on the ransom, Machete devises a plan to seduce a siren witch in order to obtain a treasure map, convinces an ex-pirate captain to lend him a ship, and starts out on his quest.

As he sails to the mysterious Lost Island where the treasure is located, Machete acquires a crew: a samurai sushi chef, a navigator mermaid, a siren witch, a vampire priest (ex-Templar Knight) and others…

Favourite style of art: anime, manga,
Personal Quote: “Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” - E. L. Doctorow
Okay, so some of my readers wanted to know what happened to Jake Lonestar in high school and so I wrote a kind of prequel for Cowboy Samurai X Badass Android. I will include this in the new version of my book, but for those of you who have already purchased the book you can read it for free right here. Thanks for reading.

Cowboy Samurai X Badass Android - Prequel

17-year-old Jake Lonestar was a typical lazy, perverted American teenager who lived in Amarillo, Texas. He liked to laze around his house and avoid doing his chores at the Lonestar Ranch just like any other rebellious teen. While listening to Galaxy Girl's latest hit song being blasted from his sister Bonnie's room, Jake would enjoy saying cooped up in his room while jerking off to naked photos of the now famous pop star.

Before Galaxy Girl had become really famous she had done these racy photos for Playboy magazine - something that Jake thanked God for every day.

Yep, Jake was a normal, horny American teenager - except for the fact that if he so much as touched an electronic device or appliance something strange would happen.

The device would wig out and transform into an alien killer robot!

If that wasn't bad enough, there were other times when Jake's body produced random bouts of magnetism causing all metal objects in the near vicinity to suddenly fly his way. When this happened while he was in the kitchen one day he ended up dodging kitchen knives and praying he wouldn't get skewered.

I feel your pain, Magneto. Jake thought to himself as his back was pressed up against the kitchen door and knives surrounded his body. That had been close - too close.

Because of Jake's strange abilities, Jake's family and friends ostracized him. Jake sighed sadly as he remembered that when he was younger he and his tomboy sister, Bonnie, had always been glued together. But all that changed after the 'incident' - a memory that Jake kept buried deep inside of his psyche. He didn't want to remember what had been the cause of his strange abilities.

Jake had been 10-years-old when the incident occurred that resulted in three of Jake's classmates being killed. Jake remembered who they were but not the incident. Their names had been - Stuart, Joe and Jimmy. They had been the school bullies and Jake had been their favorite target. After Jake had been found with their dead bodies, Jake had supposedly come up with some unbelievable and outlandish story, which sent him straight to the Austin State Hospital - a nice name for an insane asylum.

For some reason the asylum only held Jake for a few months before they released him and Jake was able to go back to school. The rest of middle school was a blur and then Jake was entering high school. Everyone in Amarillo High School knew of the incident and because of this they all thought of Jake as a violent and crazy guy.

During his high school days, Jake Lonestar was avoided, openly ignored and shunned.
He was treated as if he didn't exist. As if he were a ghost, sitting in the classroom that no one else could see.

It really was like being dead.

Jake took it all in stoically and appeared to be unaffected by this harsh treatment. But the truth was that Jake was lonely and misunderstood. He wished he had friends…could have friends like a normal teen, but…ever since the incident he was anything but normal. His mere touch would turn electronic devices into alien robots and he had superhuman strength, which caused him to accidentally destroy things from time to time including his own desk or chair! The teachers thought Jake was a juvenile delinquent because of his destructive nature, and assumed he was playing 'pranks' when Jake's desk would suddenly fall to pieces.

Jake was labeled a troublemaker.

Jake was misunderstood.

Jake wouldn't hurt a fly. He was a coward. Afraid of his own shadow even if he possessed extraordinary abilities and superhuman strength. This change inside of him hadn't changed Jake's original personality from when he used to be a wimpy, lanky 10-year-old boy who had been bullied by kids stronger than him. Jake had always been weak and so even after the incident, Jake still considered himself weak even though that was far from the truth.

Even when, 17-year-old Jake saw his reflection in the full-length mirror in his room - that reflection was not the way Jake Lonestar mentally viewed himself.

The reality was that Jake Lonestar was a handsome young man - 6' 3", 130 pounds, zero percent body fat, muscular physique, 6-pack abs. He had chiseled facial features surrounded by shaggy brown hair, and his eyes were golden brown. He looked tall, attractive, powerful, and confident, and because of his reputation of being a 'crazy murderer' he appeared 'threatening'.

If the teenaged girls in his school hadn't been so afraid of him they would have been drooling over him.

In his mind, however, Jake saw himself completely differently. He was still the lanky, wimpy, short, 10-year-old boy that used to get bullied. He was still weak…powerless…cowardly…harmless…

At this time, Jake didn't even remember the 'incident' since he had buried those memories deep within himself. He didn't know how his classmates had been murdered but he was certain he didn't do it. He would never have done such an awful thing! Just thinking about it made his stomach queasy.

He wasn't a crazy murderer…

If only he could get his classmates to see this…then maybe he could make some friends.

But to do this Jake had to be super careful. He couldn't use his super strength no matter what and he would have to stay away from electronic appliances at all costs!

Over the next few months, Jake had been doing a pretty good job of 'acting normal', until one day…

Jake never ate his lunch in the cafeteria - it was too painful. No one would ever sit with him and everyone ignored or acted like he wasn't there. If Jake tried to join a table where some of his classmates were already seated, they would silently get up and walk away to go sit at another table, leaving him behind, alone.

Because of this, Jake was constantly walking around the school in an aimless manner during lunch break while trying to find a place where he could eat his lunch in peace. Jake found a nice spot under a tree and ate his lunch there. After he had finished he lay down on the grass and looked up at the blue sky as fluffy white clouds lazily floated past. It was the perfect day for cloud gazing - one of Jake's favorite pastimes. Jake could just relax and do absolutely nothing. It was something that he could do without bothering or hurting anyone. Doing nothing is the best. Jake thought to himself.  

Jake looked down at his watch and realized that he had to get back to class. He stood up and dusted himself off of a few dead leaves, and headed back for the main school building. But just as he was passing the side of the building he spotted a few of the guys from the baseball club standing in a circle as if they were surrounding something.

Curious, Jake sneakily got closer to the group and peered over their shoulders to see what they were all looking at.

A pretty blonde girl (Jake thought he remembered her name as being Kimberly) with blue eyes and big boobs was in the center of the circle, giving the guys around her wary looks. Her shirt was low-cut and her skirt scandalously short…but that was the fashion these days, so Jake shrugged it off. Kimberly was one of the most popular girls in school and the captain of the cheerleading team.

The guys from the baseball club were in their uniforms and happened to have their baseball bats with them in their hands. Jake figured that they had probably been practicing during their lunch break. They were murmuring something amongst themselves, and some of the guys were chuckling darkly as they closed in around the girl. Jake didn't like the feeling of where this was going.

One guy (Jake recognized him as being Carl) stepped forward and using his baseball bat began to lift Kimberly's skirt up.

"Stop…" Kimberly begged softly.

Carl raised a blonde eyebrow at her. "Stop? You know you don't want me to. Going around dressed like that…like a whore. You're asking for it. We all know you want it, so let's have some fun. First, let's see what color your slut panties are." Carl continued as he raised her skirt a little higher…

The other boys were egging their friend on. Kimberly's pretty blue eyes began to fill with tears.

Jake had seen enough.

He hated bullies.

"H-h-hey." Jake stuttered as he called out to get the boys' attention.

The boys all turned to see Jake - noticing his presence for the first time…

Their eyes widened like saucers as they realized that none other than Jake Lonestar was in their midst! Jake Lonestar - the crazy guy that was said to have gone berserk when he was 10-years-old and killed three of his classmates.

The crazy murderer…!

The fear shone in their eyes.

But Jake was probably more afraid of them than they were of him! His body was trembling with fear…he clenched his fists at his sides to stop his shaking, fearing that they would notice.

But to the boys in the baseball club it looked like Jake was trembling with rage.

"W-w-what do you think you're doing? Leave that girl alone." Jake stumbled over his words and they sounded weak to his ears. Jake gulped.

The boys in the baseball club put aside their fear of Jake for a moment to assess the situation. There were five of them and Jake was alone. They even had their baseball bats with them. Lucky.

"Well, lookie what we have here. If it isn't Jake Lonestar - the crazy murderer but what's this? He's all alone as usual, and there are five of us. I say we put this freak in his place once and for all!" Carl boldly started forward towards Jake, tapping his baseball bat across his shoulder blades casually. "You want us to leave her alone? Why do you even care, crazy freak?"

The other boys began to murmur in agreement. Their hatred for Jake surpassed their fear of him. They truly believed Jake was responsible for the deaths of Stuart, Joe and Jimmy, and that the police should have locked Jake away for life or given him the lethal injection - not send him to some mental institution only to let him go free after only a couple of months.

"Yea, let's punish the murderer," another boy agreed.

"Let's get him!"

"Let's give him a taste of his own medicine. Pain." Carl swung his bat down off his shoulders, and letting out a yell brought his bat down upon Jake.

"H-h-hey…stop…" Jake stammered as his reflexes took over. He found himself catching the bat before it hit him and shoving Carl backwards with enough force to send him flying backwards and to the ground, where he sat temporarily dazed.

"I-I don't want to hurt you." Jake tried to explain.

"Bastard!" One of the boys came at Jake from behind and raising his bat high in a two-handed grip brought the bat down on the top of Jake's head.


The baseball bat shattered upon impact with Jake's head and splinters flew at the boy's face and got into his eyes, blinding him.

"Ah! My eyes! Dammit!" The boy cried out.

Jake turned around, perplexed by what had just happened. He saw the boy rubbing his eyes in pain and frowned.

"You freak!" Another boy roared as he ran at Jake with his baseball bat raised.

Jake unconsciously brought his forearm up to block the attack and as the bat hit Jake's arm it was broken in half.

Jake watched this happen in shock and awe.

He had to get those baseball bats away from them before someone got hurt.

As another boy attacked Jake with his baseball bat Jake made a grab for the bat and pulled it out of the boy's hands. Jake gripped the baseball bat nervously and accidentally shattered it to pieces in his bare hands.

The baseball players (except for Carl who was still dazed on the ground and the other boy who was still blinded) all took a step back, thinking that Jake was making some kind of violent threat towards them…

Jake sprinkled the pieces of baseball bat on the ground in front of him and wiped his hands off - not knowing in the least just how menacing his actions looked.

"Shit! He really is a monster!" "Let's get the hell out of here!" "He's a violent maniac! He'll kill us!" The boys cowered as they took several steps away from Jake. They then helped the dazed Carl and the temporarily blinded boy to their feet.

Jake frowned at their words wondering why they were suddenly so afraid. Jake took a step towards them, trying to explain. "Hey, wait. I-"

"RUN!" The boys took off running, helping to support their friends and planning to head for the nurse's office.

Jake scratched his head and turned to face Kimberly who the guys had forgotten all about.

"Hey, are you al-" Jake began to ask as he approached Kimberly.

But as soon as Kimberly realized she was alone with Jake Lonestar she screamed in fright and threw up her hands to rake her nails at Jake's face. Jake was completely caught off guard and her nails scratched deeply into his unprotected face.

"Stay away from me, you crazy freak!" Kimberly shrieked before running past Jake and towards the school.

"Ow…it hurts…" Jake sunk to his knees and covered his face in pain. The deep scratches began to bleed. Blood soon traveled down his face in rivulets. Blood…Jake saw red drops of blood on the ground…his blood…

Jake began to tremble in fear.

Why…why had she attacked him? He had just been trying to help her…and this was how she had repaid him.

Crazy freak…crazy freak…crazy freak…

Her cruel words echoed painfully through his mind. Jake let out a howl of despair as he began to cry.

Jake knew that because of this new incident that his chances of making a friend in high school had been obliterated. He knew that he'd have to spend the rest of his high school days alone and friendless.

And Jake was right. After what happened with the baseball club even more horrible rumors began to spread throughout the school about Jake and he was treated even worse than before.

Jake tried to seek solace at home but his family continued to shun him. At first, when Jake returned from the mental institution they had tried to act 'normal' but the Jake that had returned to the Lonestar Ranch was not normal.

When Jake's father, James, had assigned chores for Jake to do around the ranch chaos ensued. Jake had tried to mend a fence and had ended up accidentally breaking it to pieces because of his uncontrollable superhuman strength.

His parents thought that Jake had destroyed the fence in a display of teenaged rebellion. They didn't believe him when he said that his unusual strength had caused it.

They also thought he was a liar now.

Feeling depressed about how his parents were treating him like some kind of criminal, Jake had gone up to his room to watch some porn. Jake had carefully used a pencil to turn the TV on and was enjoying himself when the video reached its climax.

Jake sighed as he watched the guy on screen let out a grunt of male satisfaction as he poured himself into the hot babe that was whimpering beneath him. "That's good for you buddy…but what about me?" Jake muttered to himself. He wondered if he'd ever get a girlfriend and have sex for real.

He had been so lost in his pessimistic thoughts that he absentmindedly touched the TV to turn it off and it began to transform. In seconds, a six-foot-tall alien robot was standing in his room. The robot's head was the TV screen. Upon the screen red glowing eyes appeared and then the robot began to rampage around Jake's room, destroying everything in its path.

When Jake tried to stop the robot things only got worse. He ended up accidentally touching other electronic devices that had been carelessly placed about his room, and ended up turning them into tiny vicious robots.

Ultimately, Jake had been forced to use his superhuman strength to bash and smash and destroy the alien robots before his parents came home.

When his mother Jessie saw what Jake had done to his room - she wept.

Jessie thought that Jake had done it on purpose or rather…in a fit of madness or rage.

Feeling desperate, Jake tried to explain to his parents and sister what had actually happened but they had looked at Jake like he was crazy….

A part of his parents must have believed Jake though because henceforth he was forbidden from coming anywhere near an electronic appliance.

Jake's TV, DVD player, iPhone and iPod were not replaced. For entertainment his parents bought him books and board games. Jake thought the board games were an ironic choice because they were something one couldn't play alone…and Jake was always alone now…

Jake's collection of porn DVDs were useless now since Jake couldn't watch them. What a waste. Jake shook his head as he looked at his precious collection. He even had a copy of the infamous 'sex tape' that featured Galaxy Girl having sex with her manager when she had been only 15-years-old. Galaxy Girl was the same age as Jake but when the sex tape had ended up on the Internet it had created a huge scandal due to her manager's age and her being underage at the time.

The scandal and the sex tape had gone viral over the Internet until almost no one hadn't heard of 'Galaxy Girl'. The scandal had helped to launch Galaxy Girl's career and now she was the number one most popular singer in America. Jake would really miss getting to watch that particular video. He pouted at the thought.

But at least Jake still had the naked photos of Galaxy Girl that appeared in Playboy magazine. That was some consolation, at least. His Playboy magazines would have to do for his jerking off material for now.

Everyday after school since Jake's parents had determined that he could no longer help out with chores they simply ignored Jake when he got home, leaving Jake no choice but to just go up to his room - a room without TV, and with nothing but board games and books. His parents had even been cruel enough to get rid of Jake's Playstation. That had been a blow!

At least Jake had a nice comic book collection, which he would read and reread over and over again. His comic book collection featured titles like: Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. Jake looked up to those manly heroes. With Jake's short attention span he could handle comics a hell of a lot better than a classic book like The Scarlet Letter. What had his mother Jessie been thinking?  

Jake could reread Batman so many times though before he'd finally get bored, and so with nothing else to do he'd masturbate while looking at nude photos of Galaxy Girl. It was one of the few things that put Jake in a very good mood.

Yea, so Jake Lonestar was a bit of a perv and had a huge collection of naughty magazines for masturbation purposes. But seriously what 17-year-old boy didn't have a least one dirty magazine hidden under his bed?

If he wasn't in his room jerking off, Jake would be outside in the cornfields…laying on his back and watching the clouds drift lazily by and picking out the round clouds that looked like breasts and laughing.


High school was rather boring when everyone was completely ignoring you…and acting like you were a ghost…

Sometimes Jake wondered if he really were invisible and decided to put this new theory to the test. Jake decided to sneak into the girl's locker room and began to watch them change.

It didn't take long for the girls to notice Jake though and they began screaming and covering themselves and throwing various articles of clothing at Jake.

Jake's reflexes kicked in as a girl threw a pair of lacy pink panties at his head and he grabbed them out of the air. "Huh?" Jake looked down at the pair of panties in his hands and grinned like an idiot.

Jake ran away with the panties and decided to take them home with him. When Jake arrived home, he immediately went up to his room and locked the door behind him. He threw his book bag on his bed and took out the panties he had slipped into his jeans' pocket.  

He touched them and even smelled them. They smelled musky and the scent turned him on. For some reason he felt less alone and horny so he decided to jerk off for a couple of hours…one hand sliding along his throbbing erection while his other hand fingered the lacy underwear…

Jake recalled how the girls had reacted to his presence in the locker room. They had actually paid attention to him…acted like he was there…like he actually existed! Even if it had been bad attention, it was at least something.

And they hadn't been mean per say, just embarrassed and freaked out.

The girls had screamed out of surprise and embarrassment - not fear. And they had thrown harmless things at him…like articles of clothing. They hadn't really been out to hurt him.

Jake smiled to himself goofily as he thought about the encounter. He decided that he'd go to the girl's locker room again the next day!

When Jake boldly showed up in the doorway of the girl's locker room he smiled and winked at them to get their attention. "Howdy ladies. My, you're all looking lovely-"

"Kyahhh! Pervert!" The girls cried and began tossing hairbrushes and articles of clothing his way.

Jake caught another pair of underwear - this time a pair of strawberry panties! Jake thanked the girls and took off running.

Jake began to visit the girl's locker room frequently and so began to earn himself a weird reputation of being not only a 'crazy freak' but also a 'pervert' and a 'panty thief'.

Jake preferred the labels 'pervert' and 'panty thief' immensely! He quickly thought up new and inventive ways to steal the girls' underwear. With his superhuman reflexes and speed, Jake never got caught even if he were chased.

Jake began to spout pickup lines any time a girl passed him by and would wink and wag his eyebrows at her.

At first the girls acted afraid and would give him wary looks or glares. But as the year wore on and Jake's ridiculous behavior continued without real incident the girls began to laugh at his antics.

Their laughter - even if it was at Jake's expense - was Jake's salvation.

He kept his smile plastered to his face and acted like a fool. Being thought of as a perverted fool was much better than being thought of as a crazy freak or murderer.


Around this time, a plain girl with long dark hair and glasses named Sarah transferred to Amarillo High School. Her old school had been burned down in a lab accident and she had been forced to change schools because of it. Since it was already halfway through their senior year everyone already had their clicks and so Sarah was completely left out - friendless!

Because of her nerdy appearance she was also singled out for bullying. Her class had nominated her as 'Class President' but only because they didn't want to do any of the hard work themselves! Sarah was used to bullying since it had also happened to her at her old school, and so it didn't really bother her…

However, the kids at Amarillo High School had a tendency to get violent and take things too far.

One day, when the teacher had given Sarah a large stack of printouts to hand out to everyone, she was tripped up by one of her classmates on purpose! She fell flat on her face, scraped her knees and the printouts went flying out of her hands.  

Everyone in the class began to laugh since the teacher had left the room for a moment and when Sarah tried to stand someone actually pushed her back down!

"Oh, what's wrong? Why can't you get up?" The boy who had pushed her mocked. "Are you really that clumsy, four-eyes?"

Sarah felt tears welling up in her eyes and knew she was being stupid. She should have been used to this by now…everyone in this school was so superficial and judged everyone by appearances. Everyone wore expensive designer clothes and had contact lenses. No one wore glasses anymore.

"Hey." Came a voice and Sarah looked up to see a boy in her class standing in front of her, though he wasn't talking to her. She had never noticed the boy before which surprised Sarah since now that she was looking at him…he was incredibly handsome. "What do you think you're doing? Did you just push her?" Jake demanded.

Jake hated bullies.

A heavy silence descended upon the classroom.

"So what if I did? What's it to you, freak?" Came the trembling voice of the boy who had shoved Sarah down with his foot.

"You shouldn't bully people. It's not nice." Jake insisted and turned his attention to the girl with glasses at his feet.

"Baby, you are everything I never knew I always wanted." Jake winked and smiled at Sarah before holding his hand out to her when she stayed stunned on the floor. "Hey, are you okay?"

Sarah blinked up at Jake and blushed. "Er, yea…" Sarah said as she took his hand and allowed Jake to help her up. Everyone in the class gasped at this unexpected turn of events.

No one had bothered to warn the new girl about Jake Lonestar…and they realized belatedly that this had been a mistake. The girl was most definitely doomed. But they decided that they didn't really care since she wasn't even their friend.

Jake then began to help Sarah gather the printouts. He handed Sarah the printouts - but that's when he noticed the glares everyone was sending his way.

Jake frowned and turned to the boy who had pushed Sarah. "Hey, dude, I-" Jake started forward and the boy fell out of his chair.

"Stay away from me! You freak!" The boy cried. "Don't hurt me! He's going to hurt me! Help!"

Jake stopped in his tracks and everyone began to mutter about how Jake intended to harm the boy…how Jake would beat him up…just like he did the baseball club…how Jake would kill him…

All the whispers and mutterings and dark glares - it was too much for Jake to handle.

"Sorry." He muttered to Sarah before he turned around and bolted for the door of the classroom. He ran out of the classroom, and down the hall and didn't look back.

Sarah watched Jake Lonestar go curiously. Her classmates' reactions to him had seemed weird…and Jake had helped her. She still needed to thank him. Darn. She mentally scolded herself.


Over the next couple of days, Sarah observed Jake Lonestar. She found it extremely strange how most of the school populace avoided Jake like the plague and when they were around him they completely ignored him as if he weren't there.

She could see hate and even fear in some of their gazes. How strange. She thought. Jake Lonestar seemed pretty harmless to her…and he was also very good looking.

The strangest was Jake's funny interaction with girls. Anytime he spotted a couple of cute girls walking past him in the hall he'd call out to them: "Howdy ladies!" Then he'd spout off a pickup line, ask them out on a date, compliment, wink at them, or ask them for their telephone numbers.

The girls had different reactions to Jake's strange behavior. Some looked scared…others wary. A few laughed at Jake's antics despite themselves but looked guilty afterwards as if it were forbidden to be nice to Jake Lonestar.

During lunch at the cafeteria, Sarah got a tray of food and looked around for Jake curiously, but she didn't see him seated at any of the tables. She kept an eye out for him during the following lunch break and then the next, but he still never showed up at the cafeteria.

Sarah wisely realized that he must eat lunch alone somewhere and decided to follow him after class and find out where he ate lunch.

This was how Sarah discovered Jake asleep on the school's roof during one lunch break. He was lying on his back with his hands behind his head. It looked as though he had been cloud gazing but had fallen asleep. His lunch bag sat next to him and appeared to be untouched.

Sarah walked over to Jake and sat down next to him. She watched Jake sleep for a few minutes - gazing at his handsome sleeping face that seemed so boyish and pure and innocent while he was sleeping.

Jake groaned and a leer spread across his face. "Galaxy Girl…mmmm…oh yea…"

"Galaxy Girl? The singer?" Sarah wondered aloud, thinking of the famous pop star and blushing when she figured out what kind of dream Jake Lonestar must have been having.

Sarah's voice woke Jake up. He blinked and sat up suddenly. He turned to see Sarah sitting next to him while eating her lunch in a blasé manner. Jake's jaw dropped. A girl was sitting next to him and eating lunch? No, no, no, this must be a dream! Jake pinched his cheek. "Ow…"

"It's nice up here. Is this where you always eat lunch?" Sarah asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"Er…I…sometimes I eat under a tree…" Jake found himself saying.

"You don't like the cafeteria?"

"Not really."

"Neither do I. Do you think I could start eating lunch with you, Jake?"

Jake looked at Sarah in shock. "I…er…I guess…"

"I wanted to thank you for the other day, Jake. You were my hero." Sarah giggled with hearts floating in the air around her.

Jake knew he must have been seeing things and shook his head like a dog. "H-h-hero? Me?" Jake choked out.

"I really don't get why everyone treats you so badly. Either they treat you like you're not even there or they glare daggers at you. But you seem nice enough to me and you're very handsome…it doesn't make any sense." Sarah replied, tapping her chin in thought. "I've been trying to figure it out but I can't." Sarah shrugged.

Jake's spirits fell and he let out a heavy sigh. Sarah thought he suddenly looked like a dejected puppy-dog. "It's because of that incident…"

Sarah's ears perked up. "Incident?"

Jake let out another heavy sigh. As soon as he told Sarah about what happened she would probably run for the hills! "When I was 10-years-old…there was a murder. Three kids were found dead on the banks of Canadian River and next to them I was found lying unconscious. I don't remember what happened. But I remember being scared and telling the police who killed them and then they shipped me off to an insane asylum for some reason…it's all kinda foggy now…they didn't make me stay there for very long however and then I returned home."

Sarah gasped and bit her lip. "Do you remember who the murderer was?"

Jake shook his head sadly. "No…I buried that memory so deeply in my mind I can no longer remember…but I didn't kill them. I swear. I know that that's the truth. Deep in my gut, I know that I didn't kill them, Sarah…"

Sarah smiled and put a hand on Jake's shoulder and squeezed it. Jake looked at her in shock and disbelief. "I believe you. I've been watching you…you may be a total pervert and a bit of a weirdo but you're no murderer! That's just ridiculous!"

"You…believe me?" Appreciative tears filled Jake's eyes.

Sarah nodded.

"Oh Sarah!" Jake cried before he threw his arms around Sarah and hugged her close…burying his face in Sarah's breasts…

Sarah was about to hug Jake back when she realized that Jake was nuzzling her breasts with his nose and smelling her!

Sarah shoved Jake off of her with a 'Kyahhh! Pervert!' and slapped him across the face more out of reflex than out of anger.

"Totally worth it." Jake said holding a hand to his red, throbbing cheek.

This was how Sarah and Jake became friends.

During their lunch breaks, Sarah would join Jake for lunch…usually up on the roof. They would eat lunch, chat and watch the clouds float across the sky together. Jake thought it was great and was having a total blast. He was happier than he'd been in a very long time.

This must be what it's like to have a friend. He thought as he looked at Sarah out of the corner of his eye. Or maybe even a girlfriend. A leer formed on Jake's face as he checked Sarah out.

Sarah was really cute - her geeky glasses hid her dark eyes and long lashes and her baggy sweaters hid her large breasts and slim waist. Yep, Sarah was a total babe. Jake knew - he had Grade A Babe Radar.

Girlfriend. Jake sighed wistfully and hung his head dejectedly. Like that could ever happen. Sarah only saw Jake as a friend. Jake had tried to put his arm around Sarah a few times and she had totally avoided it.

Sarah was definitely 'doable' in Jake's book. But even if Sarah turned out to be a slut and would sleep with Jake - in all honesty Jake realized that he probably wouldn't sleep with her. He was still really worried about his uncontrollable superhuman strength, and about the potential danger he could pose to Sarah if she got too close.

Superman I feel your pain! Jake moaned in his head. Thinking of how the original Superman was unable to sleep with Lois Lane as long as he had his powers.

But…that didn't stop Jake from imagining what sex would be like with Sarah. After school, once Jake was alone up in his room, he would picture Sarah in his head as he jerked off.

Since Sarah was a real girl, the experience became more intense. He could imagine things like her laugh, her smile, even her touch. It made his fantasies seem that much more real.

He had the most intense orgasm yet while jerking off and thinking about his new friend Sarah. Oh Sarah baby you're just so hot. His rosy high school life had begun. Or so Jake had thought.  

Jake didn't want to screw things up no matter what and so was extra careful not to use his full strength while doing anything. He treated everything delicately as if it were made of glass - especially his desk and chair and locker (it was already his twentieth locker).

Jake didn't want Sarah to witness one of his random displays of superhuman strength going out of control because he knew that he'd probably scare her.

Sarah had delicate sensibilities. And Jake understood this.

Jake was especially careful not to get too close to any electronic devices…which meant of course that he was failing C++ programming but he didn't care…

As long as he had his one friend, Sarah - nothing else mattered. He could fail all his classes and even have to repeat the grade.

His friendship with Sarah was very precious to him.

This was why he treated her preciously, and delicately.

He successfully protected his friendship with Sarah for several months…until one day…

Jake was eating a grilled cheese sandwich on the roof to kill time while he waited for Sarah to arrive. He was really looking forward to seeing her since people had been extra cold to him that day…more so than usual.

So when Sarah didn't show up at her usual time, Jake got worried. Surely, no one would do anything to Sarah because she was hanging out with him, right?

Jake had a sinking feeling in his gut. The hair on the back of his neck prickled in warning.

My spidey sense is tingling. I'm going to go and find Sarah! Jake decided adamantly and tossed the rest of his sandwich to the rooftop as he bolted for the door to the roof. He ran down the stairs and began to search the school for Sarah. Students that saw Jake go by only saw a red blur streak past since Jake was wearing a red hoodie that day.  

Jake checked the library first since it was another popular hangout for Sarah, but she wasn't there. As Jake was exiting, however, he caught sight of Sarah in the computer lab, which was directly across from the library.

Sarah's straight raven black hair was unmistakable.

Jake peeked in the doorway and saw that Sarah was hard at work in front of one of the computers. Her fingers flying over the keys in an impressive manner. "Mmm!" Sarah made a noise as she stretched her arms over her head with her hands clasped together.

Jake was about to go when Sarah looked over her shoulder while she was stretching and caught sight of Jake.

Her dark eyes lit up. "Jake! Come over here." Sarah called him over.

"Ah…" Jake hesitated.

The computer lab was like the number one most forbidden place in Jake's mind. No one knew this but Jake avoided this one room as if it harbored the plague.

One false move, one slight touch and chaos would ensue.

It was probably the most dangerous place Jake Lonestar could enter in the entire school! There were more than ten computers and people's CD players and iPhones and iPods were scattered all over the computer tables. Electronic devices galore.

"I really shouldn't. I'll just…go." Jake tried to say but then Sarah gave him this hurt look making Jake cave immediately. "Or not. Heh…" Jake crossed his arms self-consciously over his chest as he entered the computer lab.

What the hell am I doing?! Jake moaned in his mind. I really shouldn't be doing this! I'm crazy! This is so risky!

Sarah's expression changed once Jake began to approach her and she smiled at him. "I'm glad you're here, Jake. I've been working on this PowerPoint presentation for my C++ Programming class and I'd like to get a second opinion on it. If you have the time?" Sarah gave Jake a hopeful look.

Jake couldn't resist Sarah. Jake shrugged while trying to appear nonchalant, but to Sarah Jake looked like a puppy-dog with his tail wagging rapidly behind him. "Sure. I'll take a look at it."

"Great!" Sarah declared and turned her attention back to the computer in front of her. "The theme of the presentation is 'family' so this is a collage of pictures taken of me and my family. I hope you like it." Sarah said as she tapped her mouse to start playing the presentation.

Jake kept his arms wrapped around his chest with his hands tucked under his armpits as he leaned forward slightly to look over Sarah's shoulder at the presentation.

The presentation began to show pictures of Sarah and her family and her little brother with added digital graphics and special effects.

Family photos…

A picture of Sarah's dad teaching her to ice skate and holding her hands while she tried to skate.

A picture of her mother and Sarah in the kitchen baking a cake together, and making an absolute mess. Flour was everywhere and all over them. But the smiles on their faces showed just how happy they were.  

A picture of Sarah and her little brother, Sam, playing outside in the garden. Sarah was attacking Sam with the garden hose and spraying him with water while the little boy grinned from ear to ear.

A picture of Sarah and Sam making snow angels in the snow that had gathered in their front yard.

A picture of the entire family putting up Christmas decorations and decorating a Christmas tree…

Before the bloody massacre, Jake's family life had been similar to Sarah's. It had been warm and loving too.

He had been loved.

E.D. Past tense.

Jake's eyes burned as he watched the end of Sarah's PowerPoint presentation. The final photo - the Christmas one had digital graphic enhancements so that the lights on the tree were swirling around the tree and the star at the very top of the tree twinkled.

"It's beautiful." Jake said, his voice husky and raw with emotion.

Sarah looked back at Jake, saw his emotional expression, and smiled at him. Jake grinned back and the two friends just smiled innocently at each other for a moment, until-

They were rudely interrupted.

"Well, what do we have here?" Came a snarky voice.

Sarah and Jake's attention shifted to the doorway of the computer lab where a group of three teenaged boys were standing. The three boys entered the lab and made their way towards Sarah and Jake.

Jake inwardly moaned. Oh no, not here. Please don't start trouble here! Anywhere but here!

"You two have been spending a lot of time together, Sarah. So, what? Are you two a couple now? You were both looking very lovey-dovey just now…" Once of the boys asked. Jake recognized him as being Ben the captain of the Wrestling Team. He was tall, muscular and dark haired. Ben's two friends were also pretty muscular and Jake figured they were also members of the Wrestling Club. Great, just great. Jake inwardly groaned.

Sarah and Jake both blushed and both were quick to deny Ben's claims.

"No, it's not what it looks like." Sarah said quickly.

"You're wrong." Jake added, nodding his head vigorously.

The boys looked at each other and did not appear to be convinced by their denials. "Well, you both act like a couple. Even eating your lunch together alone on the roof…" Ben continued slyly.

Sarah's eyes widened. "How do you know about that?"

"I've been watching you, Sarah." Ben began and Sarah's expression quickly shifted to worry causing Ben to notice. "Don't get me wrong. I've been watching you for your own good, Sarah. Jake Lonestar is dangerous. He's a crazy freak. You could get hurt. But don't worry, Sarah. I'll protect you. I happen to think you're rather cute." Ben reached out and took a strand of Sarah's hair between his fingers and fondled it.

Sarah slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me. I don't even know who you are…" Her voice quivered.

"I'm Ben. I'm captain of the wrestling team. These are my friends Mark and Rob - they're also on the team." Ben explained with a wave of his hand towards his friends.

"Jocks…." Jake muttered to himself.

"Come with us, Sarah. It's for your own safety." Ben said as he offered his hand out towards Sarah, who flinched back.

Something inside of Jake snapped and his guard dog mode was activated. Jake smoothly stepped in front of Sarah and blocked Ben's path to her. It all looked pretty slick on the outside - on the inside Jake was an absolute mess. Oh my God! What the hell am I doing? I'm going to get punched! But…I have to protect Sarah. But…oh my God, I'm in the computer lab. Oh noooo!

"Leave us alone." Jake said, his body trembling.

Only Sarah realized Jake was trembling out of fear and not rage.

Ben's eyes narrowed at Jake dangerously. "You're in my way, crazy freak. Get lost."

"No." Jake said.

"Have it your way!" Ben said before punching Jake hard across the face. Jake stumbled backwards, shielding Sarah and crashing into her. His hand landed on top of the keyboard that was in front of the computer monitor that still displayed the Christmas photo of Sarah's family.

Uh oh.

Jake looked down at his hand in shock. He watched as an electric zap of green light traveled from his fingertips into the keyboard that lit up and sparked. The green light traveled on through the wire into the monitor and to the hard drive.

Jake's eyes widened in knowing horror. "Oh no…" Jake quickly removed his hand from the keyboard and took a step back. He pulled Sarah out of her chair roughly and turned to look at the others with an urgent look on his face.

"Everyone…RUN! Go on, get out of here! Run!" Jake yelled at Ben, Mark and Rob.

The three guys from the wrestling club didn't take Jake's warning as a warning but as a threat.

"What the hell, freak? Make me!" Ben snapped irritated, as he approached Jake.

Jake saw the computer begin to spark and wig out. "I said: GET OUT OF HERE! NOW! HURRY!" Jake insisted as he let go of Sarah so that he could give Ben a helpful little shove in the direction of the door.

However, Jake's 'little shove' sent Ben flying back into his two friends - sending all three boys crashing to the floor in a groaning heap. Jake's strength had been so intense all three had gone skidding backwards several feet across the floor.

The three boys all looked at Jake wide-eyed and with fear. No normal person could have done something like that.

"It's just like I thought…he really is a freak!" Ben pointed an accusing finger at Jake.

"RUN!" Jake bellowed at them.

"Ahhh!" The three boys screamed as they scrambled backwards and got to their feet before taking off out of the computer lab.

"Jake, what the hell is going on? What's wrong?" Sarah asked Jake, worriedly.

Frantic, Jake spun to Sarah and looked at her beseechingly. "Sarah, you need to get out of here, before-"

But it was already too late.

The computer began to morph and transform into a 6-foot-tall robot with a radio antenna on the top of its monitor-shaped head. The hard drive had become a part of its torso, and wires made up the limbs of its arms and legs.

The computer monitor flickered to life and two glowing red eyes appeared. The digitized face frowned at Jake and Sarah.

An alien killer robot was standing before them!

It was unlike anything Sarah had ever seen and she was absolutely terrified. "What the hell is that?"

"Must kill…must kill all the humans…kill…" The robot spoke in a synthesized voice and it reached its hand out towards Sarah. Wires flew through the air towards Sarah and began to wrap around her arms to restrain her. As Sarah began to scream it wrapped its wires around her mouth to silence her.

"Sarah!" Jake cried and lunged at the robot. He grabbed the wires and ripped them off of Sarah using his superhuman strength. The wires easily snapped in two.

Sarah stumbled backwards once she had been freed.

"Go on, Sarah! Get out of here!" Jake insisted and didn't see the robot lunge at him.

The robot shoved Jake backwards into the computers that were sitting on the desks against the back wall. Jake was slammed into the computers and his hands touched the keyboards and also an assortment of electronic devices that students had carelessly left behind - smart phones, MP3 players and iPods.

Sarah watched in shock and fear as Jake touched the electronic devices, and how a strange green light seemed to shoot out of Jake's fingertips and enter the devices which began to spark, wig out, morph and transform into small alien robots!

Two more six-foot-tall robots were formed out of the two computers - their heads were monitors, their torsos made up of hard drives, antenna sat on the tops of their heads and their limbs were made up of wires. Their screens turned on and digital faces with glowing red eyes appeared.

The smart phones and iPods began to vibrate and fell off the computer desks. As they hit the floor they transformed into tiny, killer alien robots with glowing red eyes and sharp looking arms and legs.

"Must kill…must kill all humans…kill…kill…kill…" The robots chanted in their synthesized voices as they approached Sarah.

Jake was still grappling and wrestling against the first robot when Sarah started screaming.

The tiny killer robots had leapt onto Sarah and were pinching and stabbing her with their tiny, needle-like limbs. The two larger robots approached her next and began to restrain her arms and legs with more wires.

"Sarah!" Jake cried out as he caught sight of her predicament and punched the robot he was dealing with hard across its monitor face with such force that the robot's head came right off its shoulders.

"Yeehaw!" Jake cried as he launched himself at the two robots. "Get away from Sarah!" Jake rammed into the two robots that were flung sideways.

Jake quickly went to Sarah's aid. She was on the floor trying to take the tiny killer robots off of herself and screaming as they continued to bite, prick, and scratch her.

"Sarah!" Jake quickly knelt by her side and reached out to grab one of the vicious, tiny robots in his hand and clenched his fist - destroying the robot instantly. Jake began to do the same thing with the other tiny robots - grabbing at them with his bare hands and crumbling them to tiny pieces.

Sarah watched what was happening with wide, fearful eyes. Jake was some kind of monster. Everyone was right.

Jake wiped his hands off and turned to see if Sarah was alright. She was an absolute mess - her hair was tousled and in disarray, her glasses were eschew on her face, her clothing torn and there were visible scratches all over her body.

"Sarah," Jake said sadly, "Are you okay?" He offered her his hand.

"Ahhh! Stay away! Don't touch me! Freak!" Sarah screamed and batted Jake's hand away. She struggled to her feet and began backing away from Jake.

Jake's expression fell, and his eyes filled with sadness and visible pain. "Run." He reiterated.

Sarah turned around and did just that - screaming all the way.

The two remaining robots had gotten their bearings again and had stood back up. They were approaching Jake from behind. "Kill…must kill all the humans…"

The robots raised their arms and wires shot out at Jake and wrapped around his arms. Jake watched Sarah run away screaming and didn't fight back, until-

The robots sent electricity coursing through Jake in an electric attack. Jake cried out in pain and tears sprung to his eyes. He looked at the wires wrapped around his arms and legs and began to rip them off fiercely. Could this day get any worse? Dammit! Jake screamed in his mind. Jake then turned around to face the robots.

"It's all your fault. I lost my only friend." Jake said before he launched himself at one of the robots. It crashed to the floor with Jake on top of it. Jake began to hammer the robot with punches and the robot began to disintegrate and fall to pieces.

The final and remaining robot moved to get behind Jake to grab the cowboy's arms as he attempted to pull Jake off of his companion.

Jake looked down at the unmoving pile of scrap metal before letting the robot pull him to his feet. Then Jake turned around and punched the computer monitor, breaking the glass - his fist exited out the other side and the glass cut into his skin deeply but Jake didn't care.

Jake removed his hand from the robot's head and the robot fell to the floor. Jake looked at his bleeding hand and began to tremble…blood…so much blood…

Jake's legs gave out and he sunk to the floor. He ended up sitting on his butt, surrounded by metal debris, and he brought his knees to his chest. He wrapped his arms around his legs and began to rock back and forth as sobs wracked his body.

It was all over. His friendship with Sarah. Everything was broken.

Blood…it was everywhere…

Just like back then…on the muddy ground of the riverbank…

Jake fell into unconsciousness and dreamed of an incident that he would have rather never remembered.
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